Red Palm Hair Treatment

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Red Palm Super Growth Hair Treatment


Red Palm Oil Sustainable Sourced

Red palm oil is also rich in vitamin E and that benefits the hair by promoting cell growth of the hair follicles, which results in stronger hair.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter helps to create a natural, healthy oil production which in turn minimizes dandruff, and produces healthy hair follicles. This naturally leads to thicker, stronger hair

African Shea Butter


When you smooth shea butter onto your hair, it coats each strand and provides a protective barrier.


This layer serves to lock in moisture and to shield from harsh elements like the sun, wind, and cold weather. Because it’s excellent for sealing hair, it is useful for all hair types.

Organic Fenugreek 

Fenugreek has been used by Indian women since ancient times for beautiful hair. ...Fenugreek helps in treating dandruff, itchy and flaky scalp, treating hair loss, triggering hair growth, adding that lost shine to your hair and also helps you regrow your lost hair