About Us

Let us tell you a bit about our story!

Hey I'm Ebonie Marie and I am married to my Amazing Husband Byron Baxter Sr.

Together we have 4 Handsome Boys!

I create products that are high quality yet affordable!

Things you and I can enjoy for decades to come!


Our Little Guys Story...

Byron Baxter Jr was born on December 29th 2014 6 weeks premature.

That day was so scary for My Husband and I because we were told our baby may not make it.

He was born under 4 pounds and had two broken legs, a broken arm and a fractured rib!

He spent 6 weeks in the Intensive Care Unit and was later diagnosed with Brittle Bone disease, also known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta!

It is a condition that cause his bones to break super easily!

By the age of 4 he has already suffered 100 or more broken bones.

It is a condition where my husband and I literally have to treat him like thin glass or risk fracturing another bone.

He is literally our miracle child!

He has his own line of inspirational items and the proceeds go directly towards his special needs care.

We The Baxters have shared our stories on all social media platforms with the purpose of simply sharing a smile or a story of inspiration!

Thank you for Following and Supporting Us!

Sincerely Ebonie Baxter!